Calypso Light

Certified Portable Objects - Calypso Light

Please find hereunder the Portable Objects certified by PayCert for their compliance with the Calypso Light Application specifications. All Portable Objects certified by Calypso Networks Association prior to 2020 are available in the table below too, if their publication authorisation were received from vendor.  

DateCertificate NumberComplianceVendorProduct nameDocs
18 February 2020CNA-CCLA-00001CLAP v1Paragon IDTanGO+ Flash (SLC32) CNA-CCLA-00001

Calypso Light - Portable Object certified by Calypso Networks Association prior to 2020

DateCertificate NumberComplianceVendorProduct nameDocs
28 May 2020CNA-190710-CCLA-31CLAP v1Qilium S.A.SeQfare CLAP v1 CNA-190710-CCLA-31
23 July 2019CNA-190301-CCLA-15CLAP v1Watchdata TechnologiesTimeCOs CLAP CNA-190301-CCLA-15
29 March 2019CNA-190129-CCLA-00CLAP v1Paragon IDTanGO CLAP V1 CNA-190129-CCLA-00
4 March 2019CNA-181011-CCLA-10CLAP v1ST MicroelectronicsCD21 Flash CLAP CNA-181011-CCLA-10
4 March 2019CNA-190120-CCLA-14CLAP v1THALES DISCALYPSO G-CLAP1 CNA-190120-CCLA-14
20 November 2018CNA-181017-CCLA-2BCLAP v1SELP SECUREElipse CLAP V1 CNA-181017-CCLA-2B
30 June 2018CNA-180516-CCLA-29CLAP v1HID Global S.p.ASOMA Atlas CLAP V1 CNA-180516-CCLA-29