Calypso Card Functional Certification

CALYPSO, an electronic ticketing standard

CALYPSO is basically a set of technical specifications describing a fast and secure contactless transaction between a terminal and a portable device. It corresponds to the level 2 in the ticketing transaction layers scheme.  For more information, go to PayCert is the certification body for all the Calypso Cards. We proceed to the evaluation by confronting the product data elements and the Laboratory Functional Test report with the appropriate CALYPSO specifications. Then we deliver a certificate for the conformity assessment.

Certified Cards

Certification process

Specifications relevant for certification

ReferenceDocument titleSpecification provider
[060708-SP-CalypsoPrime] Calypso PRIME - Specification - v3.3E2 CNA
[170101-CalypsoLightApplication] Calypso Light - Specification - v1.2 CNA
[191011-CalypsoBasic] Calypso Basic - Specification - v1.1 CNA

Certification forms to complete