1. What is the Smart Ticketing Alliance certification process ?  

STA considers it is essential that public authorities and users can be confident in the quality of contactless communication between contactless readers and fare media.

Certification is the appropriate means to give trust. The STA certification program established by STA consists of a Group of Certification Bodies (GCB) bringing together Certification Bodies (CBs) authorised to certify compliance of transportation and acceptance media with the CEN technical specification TS 16794 and ISO standard ISO/IEC TS24192 about contactless communication.

Documentation can be loaded directly on STA website: http://www.smart-ticketing.org/

2. Are Calypso Networks Association and PayCert test laboratories ?

No. We work with test laboratories, which issue test reports. We review these test reports against the CEN and ISO standards, provide a results analysis and an assurance on the Product’s (or System’s) compliance.

3. What information are public or confidential in the STA certification process ? 

A list of information regarding the product is defined in the STA certification programme. The public data are identified by a (*) character in the PICC ICS document and in the PCD ICS document.

4. Can a Vendor A benefit from the certification granted to a PICC product granted for Vendor B ?  

As mentioned in the Certification Letter, the certificates are issued for a seven-year period, and are subject to the condition that, if the Product is changed, the Vendor must notify CNA-Paycert of this fact in writing. Any change in the Product that may generate a different behaviour with respect to the CEN TS 16794 or ISO/IEC TS24192 standard or a difference in the Product Implementation Conformance Statement will be considered as a major modification subject to a new evaluation in order to maintain the present Certification.

A RF certificate is only granted for the referenced Product and is not tranferable to any other Vendor.

The valid certificates are displayed both on the CNA-Paycert web site (http://www.cna-paycert-certification.eu) and shortly also on the STA website for certification letters issued by other STA authorized certification bodies.

5. Which actor is charged for Product or System certification ?

A Product or System compliance certification is charged to the Product or System Vendor.
The certification fees are fixed and do not depend on sold certified products volumes.

The vendor will contract the evaluation separately and will be invoiced for the testing by the selected test laboratory.